I've been writing fiction for about two years.  Projects I'm currently working on include: a novel about a group of university friends, a children's story and a non-fiction project about the history of primary schools in UK.  At the moment I'm flitting in between all three; one of these days I might actually get one of them finished.

In between bursts of enthusiasm for these bigger projects I write short stories, a few of which have found homes:

In 2010 my first story "The Right Time" was listed as one of five runners-up in a short story competition run by author Rowan Colman. "Very accomplished handling of the first person in a story about someone losing a sense of their own identity" is how she described my entry. I was chuffed.  Rowan did publish this story on her blog but it is no longer there.  You can read the original version (which had to be cut down to meet the word limit) here.

In January 2012 I read a story called "A Perfect Fit"  at Storytails, a free monthly storytelling event in Stoke Newington.  You can listen to a podcast here.  It was so much fun, I went back in March to read another story, called "A Touch of Froth", and that recording is here.

I have a flash fiction piece online, as part of the London Literary Project's London Clock, and another one in this anthology*, which is currently available on Amazon:

and a short story in this collection, which  was published at the end of November:

Stations Cover. Image copyright Gail Brodholt

And finally, the lovely people at Open Pen published my story 'Breaking the Duck' in their September 2012 issue (issue 6) which was available (for free!)  from independent bookshops across London at the time, and is now online here.

Other stories are still looking for homes.  If you would like to see any of them, please do get in touch!

*If you buy (or have already bought) a copy, please read this ........