Sunday, 5 September 2010

Isn't Wodehouse glorious?

I know I'm not saying anything new. There's a quote from Stephen Fry on the back of the volume I'm currently dipping into : "You don't analyse such sunlit perfection, you just bask in its warmth and splendour" he says.  And who am I to argue with a national treasure?  These are some random bits:

Barmy went to the door and opened it sharply.  There came the unmistakable sound of a barmaid falling down the stairs
I suppose, all in all, Freddie Widgeon has been in love at first sight with possibly twenty-seven girls in the course of his career: but hitherto everything had been what you might call plain sailing.  I mean, he would flutter around for a few days and then the girl, incensed by some floater on his part or possibly merely unable to stand the sight of him any longer, would throw him out on his left ear, and that would be that.  Everything pleasant and agreeable and orderly, as you might say.
It was a lovely summer morning with all the fixings, such as blue skies, silver wavelets, birds, bees, gentle breezes and what not.

A child who, on her own showing, plugged pigs with arrows and set fire to dormitories was not a child he was frightfully keen on having roaming about the countryside at a time when he was supposed to be more or less in charge of her.

He had a broken heart and blisters on both heels.

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